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DRB Alternatives, Inc. began offering on-line Self-Help Infidelity Support in 1998. During its years of operation, this group helped many individuals and couples in crisis, and has received national media attention. Our contacts include Dateline, 48 Hours, The Public Broadcasting System, Jenny Jones, Montel Williams, People Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Dr. Joy Brown and radio stations throughout the United States. While flattered by the attention, DRB has been careful to protect the privacy of its clients and the integrity of its practice.

Based on our past experience, we decided to rework our on-line infidelity support group. In order to better serve our clients, we have decided to make our site open only to those who make a commitment to join the group. Our new “members only” site offers even more benefits for our on-line support group participants, providing a more private and secure area where people serious about working through betrayal and infidelity issues can come together to help one another.

This “members only” venue gives people a safe environment in which to connect with others who wish to heal and to start over. Our site is especially valuable to those who may not have a support group available in their community, or who, for whatever reason, are more comfortable with an on-line group. Our site provides self-help support with the feel of a face-to-face group.

The theme for the new on-line group will be Global Warming Initiative -- Warming Hearts and Minds Worldwide -- Kindness has no Boundaries.

The articles on mental health and relationship issues remain available from the website for viewing or downloading at no charge. These articles offer clients the opportunity to take a drug and alcohol quiz, test their knowledge of infidelity and learn about boundaries and forgiveness.

Sponsorships being offered

In order to continue this important work, sponsorship opportunities are being offered. Sponsors will benefit greatly from the exposure. We also believe that clients will benefit from information posted by sponsors.

New book coming soon

Sales of Straight Talk About Betrayal: A Self-Help Guide for Couples have been brisk. New data from the on-line infidelity self-help support groups and Internet communications is currently being compiled. A new book will soon be published, adding to the information and guidance offered in the first book.

In-office support groups and consulting services

DRB's in-office support group for women remains active, and DRB continues to offer divorce and family mediation, individual, couple and marital counseling, as well as alcohol and drug counseling. We have recently added a couples group to help couples dealing with infidelity issues.

Consulting services to colleagues seeking information on infidelity issues, self-publishing and Internet marketing are also available from DRB Alternatives, Inc., as are sponsorships and the opportunity to publish articles on the DRB website.

For more information on any of the above or to discuss sponsoring this site, please contact DRB alternatives at

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