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Things To Do To Help You Gain
Control Over Your Stress:

l. Get organized so you manage your time more effectively

2. Designate a room or special place for yourself

3. Take time for family and friends

4. Eat well

5. Exercise

6. Get enough sleep

7. Keep a Stress Journal. Learn about what makes you feel stressed

8. Practice meditation

9. Get a massage

10. Talk your problems over with someone

11. Seek counseling for a safe place to vent frustrations, problem solve
     and clarify issues

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Helpful Information:

According to Harriet Braiker, Ph.D. author of Type E Woman,
How to Overcome the Stress of Being Everything to Everybody,
these are the following irrational mistakes woman make:

By Harriet E. Braiker, Ph.D

Her guide helps you to build confidence, independence and self-fullfillment.

For more info, please email me.

Integrated Health Management

An integrated counseling and fitness regimen to reduce symptoms of depression and enhance wellbeing. Designed to meet personal needs, DRB Alternatives' health management system treats the mind, body and spirit as one. It's a comprehensive approach that will elevate your mood, increase energy, and offer you new skills and perspectives for your life. Contact Donna Bellafiore for more information.

In-Person and Telephone Consultation
(State and Federal Confidentiality laws apply)

Donna R. Bellafiore, MSW, LCSW Donna R. Bellafiore, MSW, LCSW

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