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Infidelity Reflections

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Infidelity ReflectionsAt a time when many people were just beginning to explore the power of the Internet, DRB Alternatives offered a forum for those hurting from the pain of infidelity. The response to this site was far beyond what the therapist who started it ever expected.

Here is what some of those who posted had to say...

"None of us in this world has enough experience to weather all storms alone. Collectively, if we bond together, we can handle more situations than if we traveled this road alone. I know that this site is blessed. The most wonderful people I have ever witnessed are here."

"I think our purpose here is to support and to help by sharing our stories and our time-learned advice. I thank everyone who writes here. You have been my lifeline."

"After four years of silence I stumbled into this place and for the first time I didn't feel alone. I was amazed when I read other people's posts because there on the screen were all of my feelings coming from other people. I was home."

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