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DRB Alternatives, Inc. is firmly committed to protecting your privacy. We operate our Web site,, according to the following terms. Your access and use of our site implies your consent.

DRB Alternatives, Inc. keeps any and all personal identification information collected from our site completely confidential. We do not willfully disclose personal identification information to any third party. When you submit information such as name and address in connection with an online purchase, telephone consultation you acknowledge the information may be stored and processed by DRB Alternatives, Inc. and/or its trusted vendor(s). Our vendors have assured us that their firewall security is state of the art.

Telephone Consultations

DRB Alternatives, Inc. follows the ethical standards of confidentiality of the National Association of Social Workers.

While DRB Alternatives, Inc. is not entering into a traditional psychotherapy relationship, mental health professionals are mandated reporters and United States law requires that any suspicion of risk of child or elder abuse be reported to welfare authorities or law enforcement authorities. If a professional believes that a child or elder is at risk of being abused, has already been abused, or that someone who previously abused children or elders is still a threat, they will often make an effort to report it to social services agencies and/or the police.

  1. Most United States courts have the power to subpoena our records and a professional's records if you are involved in a court case in which your relationship with or the professional is somehow relevant. Although this may be rare, if you have any questions, it is better to contact your lawyer prior to disclosing any information you may deem private.
  2. If someone's life is in danger, the professional may choose to report it. This applies to potential cases of suicide or homicide.

If you are seriously considering suicide right now, please log off your computer and telephone your local police or emergency medical service.

Email messages sent to DRB Alternatives, Inc. are not secure or encrypted. To protect your personal privacy, we suggest that you do not submit personal information via email to us at our email address ( For a confidential discussion click here.

DRB Alternatives, Inc. forbids individuals under age 18 from participating in its online support group(s). Any information posted to the support group message board(s) is available to all persons accessing our members only area. Your messages or online chats will not be open for public viewing. As a participant, you agree to take responsibility for protecting your privacy via anonymous posts. DRB Alternatives, Inc. cannot be held liable for the disclosure of personal identification information on its message board(s) or online chat community.

All updates to DRB Alternatives, Inc.'s privacy policy will be posted here.


DRB Alternatives, Inc. and Donna Bellafiore cannot provide traditional psychotherapy or counseling services via telephone. All consultations are for educational and informational purposes only. We always recommend an in-office (face-to-face) psychosocial assessment for the diagnosis and treatment of any mental health problem.

Last update: March 21, 2002


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