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DRB Alternatives, Inc., is a for-profit organization that provides and monitors the On-line Infidelity Support Group. The site has over 58,000 full-page views and the group reaches over 10,000 individuals each month and continues to grow. It provides a valuable service to many individuals who are suffering the painful effects of infidelity.

Running such a group takes time and money in order to create and maintain the Web site and provide professional supervision. Many who benefit the most by participation on the site would be reluctant or unable to pay for their visits. We are inviting those organizations who share our mission in healing individuals experiencing the pain of infidelity to consider becoming professional and financial sponsors of this site by paying for a link or banner advertisement. Over 58,000 individuals per month who have a full-page view of the site would see the link or banner advertisement placed by your organization.

Because we want your organization to have an opportunity to try and evaluate our services, we offer a first-year introductory rate.

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Support DRB Alternatives, Inc. in helping those who suffer from the pain of infidelity.

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Artwork services are available for an additional fee.

Only health care professionals, non-profit organizations, or pharmaceutical companies may purchase Banner Ads. Hot links will be included at no extra charge to those who purchase a banner ad.

Banner ads must be purchased on the basis of calendar-year quarters (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December), but can be started at any time during a quarter. Advertisers are billed for the quarter or the remainder of the current quarter when the ad is on-line.

Ads and links may be purchased at any time and changed at time of renewal. There may be a small production charge.

Please allow ten business days from the time we have received your materials for ads and links and the time they become on-line.

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In order to obtain additional information or place an ad on the Web site or newsletter, please contact the Webmaster on the site at

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