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Thank you for visiting this page. I am sorry you have to visit. The support group area has closed since many online web sites are now available for your support and healing. You can reach me by calling 561-685-3933.

It has always been my philosophy to keep my client's business their business. If you do accept an invitation to appear on television. Please proceed with caution. Your healing, feelings and growth is what counts!


If you have arrived at this page and you are not familiar with the work that I do, just poke around the site. You can also read ABOUT DONNA. For a more information visit which explains my background in more detail.


Poem by Anonymous

We all thought our spouses were our true love
Most thought they were sent from above

How did the one we thought completed our heart,
Think things they did would not make our feelings depart

We fight to feel normal everyday
None of us ever thinking we would ever hurt this way

We have been blessed with new friends
That will stick with us to the end

Each of us connecting when we type
Helping each other so we don't lose fight

Some of us losing the battle with anger
Trying not to look at our spouse as a stranger

Most of us have learneed we need to make ourselves number one
None of us wanting to live so numb

Many of our partners have showed remorse
and no one seems to want a divorce

Nothing will ever be the same but I hope someday for everyone of us
That we will again be able to trust


The following are reviews for book "Infidelity Reflections"

The excerpts from other people who've experienced infidelity gave me strength--especially in the area
of repeated thoughts and anger. My husband and my mother-in-law were trying to make me feel as though I just wasn't "getting over these emotions" fast enough--even though it had only been 7 MONTHS since I found everything out before I got your book. Finding out that it was
normal to have fluctuating anger, repeated thoughts and images gave me such relief. Thank you, Donna for this book.

Another Review:

I finished the book and it did help a great deal. Listening to the stories of so many people who have come out of the other side of this kind of situation gives me hope for my own future. Thank you for the opportunity to read it.

Discover the secrets about recovery in from the book "Straight Talk about Betrayal"

If you are a therapist, contact me for discounts. Your clients will be delighted that you recommended these books for them to read.

Just Published - Donna Gives Interview for Social Work Today
Read article
Surviving Infidelity ´┐Ż Couples Therapists´┐Ż Best Practices

True or False: All marriages that have been inflicted with affairs/infidelity end up in divorce?

False: You will be surprised to learn that many couples who remain married have had this happen. Find out the secrets of recovery.

Check this page often for updates!


History: In 1998 I recognized the need for an online and face to face support groups for people hurting from the pain of infidelity. People dealing with their pain felt alone and had no one to talk to except in a one - to- one counseling session. Infidelity was common but not talked about in a helpful way. Having the special ability to assess mental and social needs I created a support group. The support group was open to everyone who was hurting with the hope that people could learn from each other.
At the time, the internet was in the infant stages and this service was offered free of charge. Modern technology was expensive and it was costly to keep intruders out. 24- hour management of the site was necessary. Although it provided help for many, no longer could I manage the thousands and thousands of participants who would come in and abuse the members. That is when the group closed and a fee for service was charged for membership.
Surprisingly, while members joined the fee-for-service group they did not participate and would visit to read only. They were encouraged to participate - but didn't. Discouraged, they left.
Over the years, infidelity was coming out of the closet and the media began to pay attention to it. During the time the exposure of President Clinton's involvement with Monica Lewinsky occurred. Today,there are a myriad of free sites with more sophisticated technology and it just didn't feel right charging people when they didn't get the full benefit of the support group.

I am happy that people are finding support, healing and hope through the internet today and I feel proud to be a pioneer in creating internet support groups and especially recognizing the need for Infidelity Support Groups. I still receive calls from the media and recently did an interview with Social Worker Today. In this article I am asked how to teach clinicians counsel couples.

My work continues. Some researchers do not like the word infidelity because they believe it is a loaded, negative word. So you can use infidelity, betrayal, affair, unfaithful - whatever you are comfortable with is okay.

I want to let you know that I am a seasoned therapist and deal with all kinds of emotional and social issues. I Infidelity happens to be just one of the areas that I specialize in. I have worked in the addiction field for over 25 years.

Telephone Consultations are offered to help you get through the emotional pain. If you want a face to face visit - I have an office in Boynton Beach, Florida.
Together you and I will put our heads together and look at your situation. You will leave this strategy session with ideas. I look forward to talking with you and sharing my expertise to help you move forward.

I can help you and your partner move beyond infidelity and to move you beyond the pain. I will help you make whatever decision that feels right for you. One size does not fit all.


Attention therapists!
I am available for consultation regarding the recovery process. Feel free to contact me for more information.



Since 1998 the DRB Alternatives site has been enormously successful at providing on-line help and hope for people dealing with issues relating to infidelity.

Here is what some of our members have said …

“I want to thank you for this board. I have been going to counseling for a long time and reading posts on this board has meant more to me. It has validated feelings that I couldn’t explain (like going from loving thoughts of my husband to hating him). I have learned that there is compassion for everyone on this board because we all understand the pain of betrayal. This board is something I do just for me and it sure helps!!”

“I have a home here in this community. This site has had a significant impact on my own travails. It is cruel irony that, at a time when you most need support, you find yourself seemingly alone with your pain and sadness. One good thing to come from all of this: I have been more able to express (my) emotions. You won’t always agree with the postings, but this site is guaranteed to help you develop healthier ways of dealing with this horrible trauma.”

“My therapist too thinks that this is a very positive step, and helpful in the healing process. He was happy to hear that there is such a site. He thought it was great that I was sharing my story as well, and not just reading other people’s postings. Don’t know what I would have done without all of you...”

“Thank you for this board. It has been a sanity saver for so many of us. I wonder if you know how much and how many of us this message has helped, how very grateful most of us are to have happened upon this place.”

“For so many of us this is the calm in the storm. Thank you again for this oasis. God bless you for this service.”

*Please Note – To protect the privacy of our community participants we have omitted their names and/or internet handles.

Our Site is Changing, Not Our Message

Based on the positive feedback we received, we knew we were on the right track. However, we also realized that with so many people visiting our site, it was becoming difficult to manage. Since our goal was to offer meaningful help to those serious about healing themselves and helping others, we have decided to make our site open only to those who make a commitment to join the group.

This “members only” venue gives people a safe environment in which to connect with others who wish to heal and to start over. * Our site is especially valuable to those who may not have a support group available in their community, or who, for whatever reason, are more comfortable with an on-line group. Our site provides self-help support with the feel of a face-to-face group.

For those who are in counseling and for those who are not

Whether people are receiving formal counseling or not, this group can provide valuable feedback and encouragement from other people dealing with the same issues. In fact, many referrals to our group will come from therapists and employee assistance professionals, who believe that this community will help their clients through the healing process.

Members who are currently in formal counseling may invite their therapist to visit and evaluate our site. (Therapists, who wish to visit, must provide their name and state license number to us for verification.) We also have guest speakers on the site from time to time, and any therapist interested in becoming a guest speaker should contact us with credentialing information.

Our new site offers several self-help options for our members. A Message Board will be available for postings and the site will, of course, remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Membership is open to all who are hurting and healing from the pain of infidelity, and to those who wish to learn, grow and share perspectives with others who care. Our goal is to keep this community safe and supportive, free from conflict and stress—a place where members can come together to help one another.

Membership Information

Membership information will be kept strictly confidential. Your name and other personal information will never be shared with any other member or organization.

Your $12.95 membership includes…

  • 24-hour a day access to chat rooms
  • A Message Board for posting messages to members not currently on-line.
  • The book, “Straight Talk About Betrayal – A Self Help Guide for Couples” (a $9.90 value).
  • Our Quarterly Newsletter, which provides straight talk about mental health issues, including substance abuse and infidelity.

Cancellation Policy

Once you have joined our group, if you select a recurring membership your membership will automatically renew on a monthly basis. You may cancel your membership at any time. Once we have received your cancellation, your membership will remain in effect until the last day of the 30 day billing cycle, at which time, membership will be terminated: you will no longer have access to the site and will incur no further charges.

Sample Postings

Following are examples of some of the previous sessions, showing how the group works:

View sample postings

Comments are welcome

Finally, we realize that the Internet communication is still in its infancy. Feedback on how to improve our site to make it even more valuable to our members is always welcome. Please e-mail us with your comments.

Our door is open, our hearts are warm! Please come in!

Board Policies

All participants must be 18 years or older.

While DRB Alternatives, Inc. maintains the right to enforce our policies, we are not responsible for the content of the postings or information members share with each other. As site owner and manager, DRB Alternatives, Inc. reserves the right to monitor this community and to delete outdated and incongruent messages. We do not keep a library of messages.

As with any face-to-face group, members bear the responsibility for protecting their boundaries.

To join our On-Line Self-Help Support Group, please click the button below…

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Shortly after registration you will receive confirmation of your chosen username and password by e-mail, which you will need to gain access to the members area. Membership is $12.95 per month. You may cancel at any time by logging in to PayPal's web site and viewing the details of your subscription.

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