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Benefits of Sponsorship

Progressive mental health facilities have discovered that there are many means to help those experiencing the challenges of life or mental illness. Clients are served through inpatient or outpatient care, individual or family therapy, video or audiotapes, books or pamphlets, classes or seminars, group therapy, Web-sites, chat rooms, and asking experts.

Becoming a sponsor of our infidelity Web site is one way that you can serve your client community as well as extend professional care to others. Because we want everyone who is experiencing the pain of infidelity to feel free to visit our site, we do not charge for use of our services. We only charge a small amount for purchasing our book.

There are many benefits in becoming a sponsor:

  • advertise your organization's name through over 135,000 full page views per month
  • provide instant access for over 21,000 visitors per month to your organization's Web-site
  • learn more about the pain of infidelity and ways to heal couples who are experiencing it
  • offer a proven alternative for healing to your current clients
  • advertise your goods and services both within and beyond your current service area
  • gain recognition both within and beyond your current service area
  • improve credibility within the professional community
  • increase good will toward your organization in your community
  • increase your organization's visibility within your community and the On-line community
  • place your organization on the ground floor of the Global Warming Initiatives.

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