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Test Your Infidelity Knowledge

Take this True-False quiz, then look below to learn what current research says about infidelity.

  1. Women who have affairs get more emotionally involved than men.

  2. Relationships can't be restored after an affair.

  3. Most men and women have some inkling that their partner's having an affair before it's actually discovered or revealed.

  4. The number of women having affairs is increasing.

  5. A man tends to stay in the relationship after discovering his partner's affair.
  6. Click here to see the answers.

The Process of Recovery

Click on the banner at the top of the page and receive the Seven-Stage Process of Recovery for hurt and unfaithful partners. Ordering a copy of "Straight Talk About Betrayal: A Self-help Guide for Couples" will provide the tools to heighten awareness of each other's roles and feelings leading up to and following the breach.

If you are a professional counselor or religious leader, this guide will provide your clients with a concise brief model of recovery.

Feel free to email me if you have more questions, at

The article Surviving Betrayal: The ins and outs of infidelity written by Lisa Leland was published on Friday March 6th by Sun Publications. Lisa Leland interviews me and another psychotherapist on infidelity issues. Women attending the group tell their story. To receive a copy. Please email me or call me.


l. True.
Women are more likely to get emotionally involved than men. Men more frequently focus on sexual involvement. However, men often do fall in love with their lovers.

2. False.
When both parties are patient and willing to work hard at what's wrong and what's right in their relationship, it can be restored.

3. True.
Most people know subconsciously that their partner's having an affair. Frequently, however, they can't put a finger on exactly what's wrong.

4. True.
'90s value changes and having more women in the workforce with greater opportunities to meet people have led to an increase in women having affairs.

5. False.
A man who learns that his partner's had an affair leaves the relationship more often than does a woman in the same situation.

Do you agree? Disagree? If you want, you can E-mail your opinions to me.

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