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Growth Groups

What's old, but brand new? The opportunity in revitalized growth groups to look at personal matters from a healthy, needs-based perspective. Therapists recognize that not everything is pathological. Many concerns are normal, developmental "stuff." Nevertheless, it's stuff people need and need to go through to become developmentally whole.

Psychologist Abram Maslow called it "self-actualization" : reaching one's highest level of maturity. It's an ongoing process, an approach to wellness, not dis-ease! Alone, however, self-actualizing is difficult, if not impossible. Individuals need to learn about themselves, which requires honest feedback from others. They need to take off old masks...and try on new ones for a change. They need safe places to gain insight, to calrify issues, to express themselves, to vent.

Adult men and women can still grow. Today's growth group encourages maturity through professional facilitation and "proactivity." In a supportive environment, people gain confidence and find answers to personal questions. They make healthy explorations of their inner depths to become increasingly whole.

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