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Individual, Marital & Family Counseling & Mediation

Do I need long or short-term counseling?

Many times short-term counseling is all one needs to get back on the right track. It can help deal with problems before they loom to large to handle. Many problems can be worked through with short-term counseling. If a problem cannot be resolved in this manner, more appointments may be necessary to take care of ones individual needs. Counseling can help individuals and families through a crisis, and is primarily designed to help manage the life changes we all experience in areas, such as:

  • Family or marital relationships
  • Divorce
  • Birth of a child and raising children
  • Adolescent and child problems
  • Relocation
  • Death in a family
  • Alcohol and drug problems
  • Emotional or psychological adjustments
  • Depression
  • Aging and mid life
  • Job related stress
  • Anger Management
Counseling long or short-term will assist you with a new beginning in solving your problem.
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