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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential time limited, cost-effective approach to help people make informed decisions and develop mutually acceptable agreements.

How does Mediation work?

Relevant information is gathered from each spouse such as tax returns, financial budgets, property valuations and other assets and liabilities.

A trained mediator will work with both parties to identify, negotiate and resolve issues in a way that is fair and equitable and reflects the unique interests and needs of the people invovled.

The mediator then drafts a memorandum of agreement which is reviewed by the couple, and given to their attorneys for legal implementation.

Throughout the mediation process, it is recommended that each party consult with their attorney and accountant to help them make informed decisions.

What are the benefits of Mediation?

  • Allows you to control the decisions that affect your life Establishes the foundations for continued co-parenting
  • Savings in time
  • Savings in money
  • Reduces conflict and stress
  • Promotes communication and cooperation
  • Avoids the public arena of the courtroom
  • Reduces the likelihood of post-divorce litigation

How long does Mediation take?

Mediation varies in length depending on the readiness of the couple and complexity of the issues. The average Mediation takes about eight sessions of one or two hours each.

How much does Mediation cost?

Fees for Mediation are billed at an hourly rate. The couple is encouraged to share the cost. The total costs of a mediated divorce are usually less than those in the adversarial process.

Why Mediation?

Divorce is difficult on everyone involved; parents, children and extended families.

Divorce Mediation can be a healing process that enhances communication and cooperation among family members as they fulfill their individual and joint responsibilities in new and creative ways.

For parents going through a divorce, you may find the video, "Children: The Experts on Divorce" helpful. The video was voted "Best in Media" in 1995 by the Children's Rights Council in Washington, D.C.

This video was created for parent's who are concerned and really want to know what their children feel about divorce. It also uncovers what children need from their parents during and after separation.

For information on how you can get a copy of this video, send me email.

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