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The Global Warming Initiative™   

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Our Mission: Global Warming

The term global warming commonly refers to an increase in the earth's average temperature due to environmental factors. We at DRB Alternatives, Inc. have created a new definition of the phrase. Our use of global warming refers to a worldwide increase in the warmth of our human relationships. We believe that when individuals, families, organizations, and nations treat one another with respect and kindness, the spirit of hope and healing will spread throughout the earth.

We realize that the Global Warming Initiative™ sounds extremely idealistic. Some may dismiss our ideas purely on those grounds. Also the concept is not entirely original. Despite this, if only a small portion embraces the concept of global warming, our mission has been fulfilled. This would change the equilibrium and create a new balance. History has shown that change is possible through the adoption of idealistic principles.

An Example

In many cases, divorce seems to be the only alternative for couples facing the issues of infidelity. However, we have seen that when couples are encouraged to treat one another with small acts of kindness, hope and healing begin to appear and grow in their marriage. The book, Straight Talk About Betrayal: A Self-Help Guide For Couples, provides couples practical suggestions toward healing their marital relationship.

The Process

Most people dealing with infidelity are in a great deal of pain often leading to depression. When these individuals participate in DRB Alternatives, Inc.'s On-line Self-Help Infidelity Support Group, they become part of a caring community composed of others facing similar trauma. Though group participants come from diverse backgrounds and remain anonymous, they have formed a true community. Members are free to ask or answer questions, receive or provide support, and debate different viewpoints. DRB Alternatives, Inc.'s current research indicates that our on-line support group experiences phases of growth like any face-to-face group. Cohesion develops as members reveal infidelity experiences, show empathy for one another and experience healing. Miraculously, those who are embraced by the care and kindness of this community receive profound hope and healing. Despite differing opinions and periods of conflict, many visitors have been on-line since its inception. The power of kindness is evident and has been adopted by many participants.

What is truly amazing is that people are embracing the idea of kindness worldwide. The key to spreading the ideals of the Global Warming Initiative™ lies in the Internet where communication is still in its infancy. At DRB Alternatives, Inc. we are studying ways to enhance communication through this new medium so that global warming will become a reality. We believe that the Global Warming Initiative™ is possible through the development of countless communities built by the warmth and kindness of their members. Just as the earth from space has no visible boundaries, we believe that kindness also has no boundaries.

Our Vision

Imagine if many organizations sponsored and supported this vision. Through the Internet, individuals could share their ideas on furthering the Global Warming Initiative™. Mental health professionals, religious leaders and philosophers throughout the world could share their ideas on the subject. Humanitarian groups could speak to a worldwide audience about their services to others. The world would be a much warmer place if divided families, cities, and nations could communicate and create communities practicing the ideals and methods of the Global Warming Initiative™.

Nothing comes easily. With commitment, hard work and learning new ways to communicate, this evolutionary process can happen. It's up to all of us. Together we can accomplish amazing things. Please join us now.

Donna R. Bellafiore

DRB Alternatives, Inc.

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