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About Donna Bellafiore   

Donna is a licensed clinical social worker and therapist with over 25 years of experience as an addiction counselor. Her compassionate counseling approach has helped many couples work through the seven-stage process of recovery outlined in her first book, Straight Talk About Betrayal: a Self-Help Guide for Couples (which is in its second printing). she is a pioneer in the development of online group work, and has recently contributed a chapter to a textbook entitled: Online Counseling: A Handbook of Mental Health Counseling for Professionals. She is also a sought after speaker on the issue of infidelity and divorce. She has been interviewed by magazines and newspapers, including First for Women, Complete Woman, The Chicago Tribune, The South Bend Tribune, Latina Magazine, and the Naperville Sun, to name a few. She has also been asked to be a contributor on many television and radio programs and Internet sites. Ms. Bellafiore also provides telephone consultation and self-help services on this site.

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